Friday, March 31, 2006

some progress on the "Placebo Room"

What's the "Placebo Room?" you may ask. Or, you may not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

It's the room I can work on to feel like we are making real progress on the house, while I'm stewing in slow-electrical-upgrade hell. The kitchen is all cosmetic, and cheap cosmetic, at that, work. I can feel like there's hope when I look at it and see real change. It's a mental health thing.

So I call my kitchen the Placebo Room, as it has the effect of maintaining hope for the rest of the house, as a sugar pill might have "effects" in a medication study.

Now that I've bored you, on to the real stuff. No work today, but yesterday, I got half the kitchen floor laid, all the cabinets painted except the upper doors, and got to see how the Red Drawers with Newly Polished Chrome Handles looked on the chalkboard black cabinets.

Oh, and I forgot my camera. Again.

But they looked really snazzy. I'll post a plan image, when I can get my butt in gear and transfer it from the other computer (no network, natch - it's the stone age here at mom's). Then, at some point, when I finish enough to remember the camera, we might get a sort-of-after picture.

And, we decided that the upper cabinet doors should also be Saftey Red. Because, it looks really cool like that in my cheapo home design program. And also in real life.

So we have to buy another can of spraypaint, but I think we can elbow 5 bucks into the budget.

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