Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Historical Society

We went to the monthly meeting of the local Historical Society last night. I was volunteered for the position of webdesigner/pet technogeek a month or so ago by my mom, so, last night I presented them with three options for hosting and stood there explaining basics about putting together a site to a roomful of people who all stared at me like a dog listening to music.

All lovely people, of course, but not websavvy at all - this town is still in dialup country, though the library has a few computers and a scanner. We have huge piles of resources and content, small amounts of funds, enthusiasm and an upcoming event. We have a month for everyone to submit the content that was waved at me last night, and I have promises of some photos of my house prior to the porch being squashed by the tree and its subsequent reconstruction as a closed porch.

Long story short, I've got something to do in the evenings now.

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