Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Superficial kitchen facelift

Today was the day I worked alone. SO, in an effort to prevent injuries, I worked on our temporary kitchen facelift (we budgeted about 200 bucks for this, just to make it livable until we can do the Big Kitchen Renovation, say, 5 years down the road). Let me just say that I LOVE appliance epoxy - it makes old, ugly kitchen fixtures look at least acceptable, if not fantastic. Our stove now matches our fridge, and the 1930-1950's steel cabinets are well on their way.

Things I got done:

  1. Painted the drawers red.
  2. Painted about half of the lower doors steely metallic (it got windy and I had to quit).
  3. Primed and laid sticky tile on a test patch of the floor.
  4. Painted the first of three coats of blackboard paint on the exposed ends of the cabinets (both for adults and the kids).
Things still to do:
  1. Wire the kitchen
  2. Install new light fixtures (will probably stay after the BKR)
  3. Install the new faucet set (will probably stay after the BKR)
  4. Paint over the beigy-marbled tile-patterned wall board (white, I'm thinking, and probably with Kilz.)
  5. Finish laying floor tiles ( the test was successful so far)
  6. Fix broken/missing drawer rollers in sink cabinet
  7. Patch and reskim the two plaster walls we've revealed, then paint.
  8. Paint cabinet frames black, pull and paint upper doors black.
  9. Pick the six least shiny chrome handles and paint them black (for lower doors)
That's a lot of stuff to do yet, for this superficial makeover. I did, however, discover that the nylon washers I bought to replace the several missing drawer wheels in the sink cabinet were the wrong size - I need 1 1/4 inch washers instead of 1 1/8. Grrr. That's a long drive to return 5 bucks worth of nylon washers. But I also need to buy another can or two of epoxy paint. I sense that I'll run short if I don't.


  1. Red drawers? Blackboard paint? I like what I'm hearing! :)

  2. It's very retro-deco-diner, which really speaks to the kid in me :) I'm planning to post photos tonight, of what I've gotten done today. The sticky tile is predictably b/w checkerboard style.

    Sine we've got one boy and another on the way, I wanted something that would be kid-freindly. And maybe a little cartoony, until we can have our grownup kitchen.


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