Monday, June 21, 2010

My creative process has peculiar priorities.

I've been working on making a Cunning Hat in my spare time. I found this very Costumer-OCD analysis of the Hat. And lots of other resources, including this knitting pattern and this more-like-a-recipe one both of which I probably should have also used as additional references.

I decided to use several balls of Knitpicks Palette I had in the yarn hoard and multi-strand it. So far so good. I elected to MAKE a set of size 10.5 circulars because I hate waiting, I know how to make circs, and I despise the cables on all but a couple kinds of circs. My favorite cables are on my homemade needles, anyway. And, see? They're even pretty!

The awful reality of this is that I can't, cannot, just CAN NOT, seem to do anything the easy way. I apparently must HACK EVERYTHING, especially if it has an existing, perfectly good counterpart or decent, easy instructions.

After all that, I worked up one version of the hat, all except the pompon, found it too bright, tea-dyed it, found it lacking, and frogged it. No photos.

I had to small-batch overdye my yarn because it Wasn't Quite Right. *rolls eyes at self*

Got all he yarn dyed to my satisfaction, prepped it into groups of three strands, balled up each color set prestranded (Orange-ish, yellow-ish, rusty red-ish), and finally knitted it up, AGAIN. I even made the ridiculous pompon.

It looks pretty good. But, wait for it:

I didn't fit the thing to Chris's head when I was knitting, and discovered that it's too small. By about, perhaps five stitches in every direction. DER. No photos. He looked even more ridiculous in it than he was supposed to.

I get to start over.

Good thing it knits up fast. Sigh. And good thing it's easy to frog.

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