Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Popsicle Bites!

Don't these look wonderful?

We love smoothies in summer. I like to use a mix of fresh and frozen fruit and juices, so we get a nice slushie type smoothie. No matter how much we make, though, after I fill the cups, there's always a little bit left, and it's not fair to give one person extra.

So, I put it in a fun-shape ice tray (mine are from Ikea, but you can get them just about anywhere) and freeze it overnight. Sometimes I do this with juices, too, but those melt so fast the kids don't really like them as much. Of course, you can use a regular ice tray, but the fun shapes get a response that's an order of magnitude greater than a regular icecube shaped fruit pop.

Today's fruit pops are hearts made from a mix of peaches, plums and tropical fruit with apple and orange juice and a star made with apple juice. Here they are dished up for tonight's dessert, perfect to keep two overheated little boys happy on a nearly record-hot day:

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