Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review: DadCanDo

I'm not a dad, I'm a mom, but I LOVE, I love the projects, the sense of wonder, and the joy in nerdiness and creativity that is the basic spirit of it. I've been a fan since I first found it, back when he had a few paper airplanes, a wand how-to, and some fun paperfolding crafts up there. It's been a couple of years now and it just keeps getting better and more fun.

My kids are getting a little older now, too, so the projects are really more fun for them than before, as well. The content has grown so much that it's hard to know where to start. it seems a little late to post a review considering I've been kind of a fan for a while now, but there's a reason for this entry.

Recently, at least since the last time I downloaded a project, the website changed over to a membership-required site (there used to be a support suggestion at every download, and now downloads are members only). I have to say to EVERYONE with kids (or a yen for Harry Potter crafts!) that this site is worth every penny of that membership fee. His design skills are great, his how-to's are well put together and easy to understand, and moreover, the projects are versatile, customizable, and fun to do with your kids. You are essentially paying for a well put together activity book that keeps updating with more stuff.

... And then there's the stuff for the parents (there's general stuff, parenting advice, and a HUGE amount of stuff for single parents, which is wonderful since so much that's out there assumes two parents). I'm not a single parent, but I sure spend a lot of time pretending to be one - that's the lot of a military spouse - and advice on coping with single parenthood is useful to me, too. Oh, and I'm not a dad, but I have two boys, and sometimes it's hard to remember how to tap into the wonder of childhood and exploring the world so you can share that with your kids.

I love this website. I can only suggest that you subscribe. I have.

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