Monday, September 17, 2007

An observation

...or five. I got another slow row done on Bobby while waiting for the patient orientation, and tried (more fool me!) to keep going this evening. However, it didn't go as planned.

It's difficult to keep even tension when a toddler is fighting you for your needles. We won't even talk about when he grabbed the yarn.

Again, it is possible, but difficult and error-prone, to knit with your arms over your head. However, it's useless when knitting with circular needles that have a long cable. Ask me how I know.

It also makes your hands tingle if you do it too long.

Finally, I'm very happy I can pick up and re-work dropped stitches as I go. I had a bunch during the wrestling match(es).

Time for bed.

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  1. Oh honey… if I had a nickel for everytime someone said, "MOM! I hold da yarn!" I could knit myself a full length coat out of qiviut. That is, after I untangled it from the chairs and the doorknobs, and down the hall…


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