Saturday, September 22, 2007

Going Fabric Shopping Today

...because I'm a nut and I volunteered to make a gown for my friend Laura, since we're both curvy and weird to fit. It's just plain better to make it from scratch if you have to have that much fitting done, I say. 

I am taking Mr GiantBaby along, because Husband is exhausted (they do that to you regularly in the Marines, apparently), and he doesn't need 2 rambunctious kids running him over all day without backup. This means that all the stuff has to go with me too - stroller (no baby carrier, since he's HUGE and I'm already uncomfortable), cloth diapering stuff, feeding utensils (he's VERY into spoons), cup, juice, bag with toys...

And then there's what I need to bring - My swatches, since Laura and I are trying not to be clashy (we'll be hanging out all night while the men BS and drink, so we decided not to be clashy or matchy), the patterns, The Girly Stuff Survival Kit. Yeah, it's the Eve of That Week, and my uterus feels like it's warming up for a marathon. Ouch. 

Blogstalkers: I'm making my Purse Guts post after I get back, because it's much more interesting after a day out. It's all boring now, what with me having cleaned it day before yesterday. 

Also expect a "what I'm up to lately" post, since I've got the photos taken. I was just too lazy to write about them.

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  1. You have fabulous projects going and I love looking at the pix!


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