Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogstalky: Purse Gutz

Well, I delayed to make it more interesting, but it really isn't. I'd be a wallet girl if I didn't need a diaperbag.

ETA: Okay, something that got eaten by blogger while I fought with the editing window in my other browser is that it isn't originally a diaperbag - it's a smallish medium-sized purse with lots o' pockets, as I despise most diaper bags, even the non-fluffy-bunny styles. I had intended to make my own diaper bag, but never got around to it. So I went hunting for one that fit my idea of what I wanted (I'd had the perfect purse-cum-small-diaperbag when FX was little, but gave it away to a friend who needed one), I hunted all over and found it at Target, I think. For 10 bucks. Cheap is good, and even more so if it doesn't fall apart (it's going on 2 years old now).

And it's about 10 x 7 x 8. A little bigger than I wanted, but still quite compact unless I stuff it.
(end added-left-out-part)

This, then, is my purse:

Wait. Mr. Giant Baby decided to "help" by violently shaking me while I snapped the photo. Let's try that again.

Okay, this is my purse. Lots of pockets. The silver zipper pocket is "my zone" and the pockets in front contain my things.

Yes, that includes cigarettes, but honestly, I only smoke one a day, at most, and I never finish them. And I smoke outside. Also, there is the wallet with red flames which my husband bought me so I wouldn't lose it. So, of course, I have, several times. But I did always find it again...

Arranged according to their position in the purse are:
  1. from side pocket one: A bottle of Little Noses cold/allergy drops; A bottle of Infant Tylenol Dye-Free; a tube of baby Orajel (it is a diaper bag! I swear!)
  2. from silver-zipper pocket: Pens mixed with some penlike makeup (eyeliner, mascara, coverup); checkbook; crumpled piece of paper; a penny; a large paperclip; Makeup (liquid, powder, lipstick, eyeshadow); an expansion pack for Chez Geek
  3. from side pocket two: hand sanitizer (diaper bag!); a selection of emergency tampons.
  4. My wallet, which has lots of cards, a bunch of receipts, a small pen, and one dollar, just in case.

Next we have the contents of the inside and back pockets, minus the stinky diapers and wet bag, because those go straight into the diaper can when we get home. We have:
  1. Several random pieces of paper. I have no idea whose phone numbers those are. I think this came from my husband's pocket, actually.
  2. A pale yellow plastic fork-spoon-sporky thing
  3. The sewing pattern for Laura's dress.
  4. Two fortune cookie fortunes.
  5. Three velcro tiedowns (seriously, these belong in every diaperbag).
  6. baby wipes (diaperbag!)


  1. Ah, I was so happy when the kids were big enough that I could ditch the bag. Once they they hit about 16 months i just would toss a diaper in my purse! And can I say that I cracked up with how calmly you said all those random phone numbers came from your husband's pockets! HEE!!

  2. I almost thought we'd found out who REALLY had the purple booger sucker there for a minute!

  3. The phone numbers thing cracked me up too. In my bag all the scraps of paper have illegible song titles written on them that I jot down in traffic so I know what to download later.

  4. That's a pretty stylin' diaperbag though. They've come a long way!

  5. I swear by the Little Colds, Little Noses meds - it's good stuff! You should try dialing the numbers on the pieces of paper - maybe you'll find someone cool...

  6. What did the fortunes say?
    I have to know.

  7. Ed: The fortunes say:

    "You shall attain great wisdom with each passing year." (Well, duh, of course it will. But it certainly sounds good!)


    "Your financial life will be secure and beneficial." (I hope so! But I also hope that it doesn't happen through using a life insurance policy. Also, I don't recall whether this was my husband's or mine.)


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