Sunday, July 15, 2007

Looking to etsy

I'm working on setting up an etsy shop, making my inventory, figuring out how I want to arrange cc payments (not a fan of paypal), etc. In an effort to understand how etsy works, I've spent a lot of time skimming around the shops of other people from the knittyboard, and there are all kinds of cool things I'd like to have the spare money to get.

I love these bags by Momma-Monkey. I want one, and I think I'm in love with the skull ones. Wow - I just looked again and they are already gone. Thank you, whoever you are, for saving me from myself!

I'm probably going to have her make me one so, it didn't work...

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  1. Etsy is getting to be an expensive habit for me: I've developed a weakness for art prints which, once I've shelled out for framing as well, is basically crippling. Ergo, get in there, people like me are panting to spill money on people like you!


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