Thursday, February 15, 2007

Many Things

First of all, you can tell my husband is from Texas. He deep fries ... fried things. As in things already fried. The mind boggles. And yet, he's not fat. I am. How is that fair?

Now that I've got that off my chest, on to subjects more appropriate:

UFO found!

The Red and Yellow Gryffindor Scarf has been found and is being slowly continued. I'm lazy about this one, because it's such a boring knit, so I only work on it when I don't feel up to making other things. I need to get it done before winter is over. Really.

It's actually less mindless than I make it out to be, since it's been an exercise in joining new yarns. I've done a doubled yarn join (1, and it's ugly, but sturdy), spit splices (1, yick, decided to use other ways), tied in joins (3), split plied joins (1, maybe 2..), the Russian Join (3), plied joins (2). I think that's all of them. I never intended to write about this, so I didn't take any notes. The last three are all similar, in that they are looped together and secured. Structurally, the split plied and Russian joins are closest, but the plied join is quickest (and fairly secure if you are knitting a wool yarn on smallish needles). I'll do a separate post later comparing the three, since doing so requires my Lovely Texan Assistant, who is out doing our recycling.

Ooo! Shiny!

Now, everyone knows about Knitty, and nearly everyone knows about MagKnits, and there's also the Garter Belt, but I just saw Yarnival for the first time and I'm in love.

I'm already writing patterns (see any references to Super Sekrit anything in earlier entries), but I really need to get off - or is that on - my butt and write something worthwhile. Inspiring and humbling.

Of Bugs and Stash Bondage.

I am very happy that I'm a packrat, er, I mean, compulsive repurposing fanatic. That doesn't sound much better, but what it means is that I save plastic packages from "white goods" - clothing, blankets, sheets - to keep my stash and projects in. The zip closures are especially nice, but the snap closures are good too (and can be kept closed to keep yarn from escaping while you work).

My Old Pattern Redaction Project.

My Stash! And I can ogle it without opening the container. I love this.

Why? I just discovered that there were vermin of some kind eating away at a spindle of spun yarn (ouch - had to pull the shreds off the spindle and toss them) and an old felting project. Dismaying. I dunked Old Felting Project (a pair of winter insoles) into boiling water, and did likewise with anything it had been near - mostly a basket of tools and a roll of prepared roving that I wasn't terribly fond of. If it felts, it's no loss - I'd have to toss it if I didn't boil it. The basket's getting misted with essential oils after washing. And probably not used for fiber again (needs repair anyway, and I really only had room in it for the tools).

Everything in plastic? That's all fine. Best way to avoid bugs is to keep them out.

Even Knitpicks shipping bags help. Keep'en twist-tied, and watch for holes.

And finally, when it snows, our car is Eeeeevil:

See? Evil.

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