Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back from the Land of No Updates

Well, honestly, we moved, I've mostly been worrying about Life Stuff, and The House, and what little energy and time has been available for handcrafting has gone into My Super Sekrit Pattern Projects.

Except for FX's harry Potter scarf, which is pretty mindless 3x3 rib on slightly-too-large needles, is 1/3 done, and. which went missing at his birthday party last week. Argh - so no pics of that UFO, and no mindless spare time knitting for me

Super Sekrit Pattern Project #1 is being tested as I type, by several brave volunteers. It's really neat, and I've been hard put to keep my mouth shut about it this long, but I've got to keep it shut that much longer. I'll post a happydance if it gets accepted for publishing.

Super Sekrit Pattern project #2 is still being edited. My notes are fairly complete, but not comprehensible, and are probably out of order. Must get to work..

In a non-knitting vein, I fed Herbert the Sourdough tonight in prep for baking tomorrow, and, you know, sourdoughs talk when they're happy. I swear he (they?) burbled, "thank you."

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