Monday, December 04, 2006

Too... Much... Thinking!

I swear, every time I move, or walk outside, or cook, I get ideas. More than I can possibly do/make/etc, and usually when I'm not anywhere near a notebook. It's maddening.

In the past few days I've been brainstorming like mad, and it's always when I'm trying to concentrate on other things. It's as if my brain is dancing around in my head, waving pictures of stuff I could do instead. Like a three year old trying to get mommy to stop being boring (I have a three year old, and he does Exactly This when I'm doing "boring" things, like cooking or sewing or cleaning).

Recently it was:
Walk outside, where it is cold today, decide to make a knitted earmuff/headscarf thingy that will allow my pigtails to stick out but still stay on my head.
Come inside, think of a new bread recipe variation.
Lie down to sleep, think I ought to finish that story I was working on.
Sit to knit and, instead, consider Yet Another new project (sewing, knitting, spinning, crochet...).

My brain is spawning new ideas for stuff I can do faster than I can even write stuff down, let alone finish anything. This probably explains all the UFO's.

I need to carry a small notebook everywhere again - I used to, to catch all this stuff. It mostly worked as an Idea Prophylactic, in the same way that carrying an umbrella works as a Rain Preventative Device. That would help some, I think.

I still can't believe that my brain thinks I'm boring.

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