Monday, August 18, 2003

Zoo! Yay!

We went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday and had lots of fun (and got VERY tired, too). I got to see lots of animals (mostly sleepy animals, as it was hot and we went in the latter half of the day). We got FX several toys - he is very happy about his small gorilla and his zebra book.

I think, however, that this zoo has entirely too many bush pigs. They had at least 5 exhibits with bush pigs in them. It was fun watching the 3 baby pigs chase their dad around their family enclosure, though (mom pig was taking a break from nursing and having some food).

Other highlights: watching the hippos swim and play with balls, and playing "find the snake" in the reptile house displays (we found all of them, except one), and looking at the raptors. Oh, and the giant pigeons! They are blue and have little mohawk-looking crests and red eyes. They are about the size of a large chicken. MUCH cooler than regular pigeons.

Watching FX watch the apes and monkeys was great, too. He loved them.

The lions and tigers and bears were all sleepy, but the jaguars and leopards were up, as were the civet cats. Oh, and these teeeeny little wild cats from central Asia, whose name I forget. They were cute, and looked like kittens, but they were adults - they never get bigger than 6 pounds. All fluffy and cute.

Many many tiny ruminants and ungulates. Who knew there were that many little deer-like things? The best was an enclosure with some large striped ones and some TINY ones all eating the same hay. It was like looking at a group of great danes and chihuahuas.

My feet are sore, but it was amazing and I still feel full of wonder.

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