Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I'm putting my cards on the table (AIPON)

Okay, since I've been following the vicious screaming matches in AIPON's top 10 pages, I've decided to put my cards on the table, so you all can tell what I've put up (as if anyone cares but me! Hah!)

My entries are (fake drumroll here):
The SRB, which should be obvious. Docs and notes are here.

My Illuminator's Blue Loose Gown No online docs or notes or anything, but I wanted to make a gown that looked like an illumination. The color of the wool is deliberately accurate to an illumination and not to period dye methods. Yes, I know, bad, but fun. Sneakily Not Period. Like unto wearing Loud Silly Undergarments under period clothes.

The Ringer, or my deliberately posted, WAY not period outfit. It's a faire costume, made to the guidelines for St Brigid's at RPFN in 1992 or so. AT THE TIME we were told that we were making non-period theatrical costumes, based somewhat in reality, but mostly intended to convey a vague feeling of "Olde Scottisheness" to the Tourons. I'm amazed by the number of people who think it's African or Middle Eastern simply by virtue of the fact that I've got a pot on my head...
(this bit added acouple of hours later) Oh, another thing. There IS NO gap in the front lacing. The gown is dark yellow wool, laced around lighter wooden buttons (over a hook&eye closure). I'm guessing this is why some people think the front is gapping. It's not a modern cut, either, it's an older interpretation of the Shinrone Gown. (end of later bit)

My German Ren, first copy (I asked that Kirrily remove it, but I guess the request got lost). Not the best image, and I spaced on the auto-resize feature of teh server software, so it got even smaller and less clear than it was. I am amazed at the PURE HOSTILITY of some of the comments, and I'm amazed that anyone could imagine that someone could gain anything by pasting their face on someone else's pic. The other two ladies are two of my best freinds and I did not want to post someone's pic wihtout asking (nor does my very best freind want her face on the web without her permission), and somehow this became an obvious clue that I had edited myself IN the pic. Most interestingly, all the hostile commentary stopped after I posted the second request for emails from people who have issues with me. No emails either.

This is a much fussed with copy of the above image, to show detail better, with my freinds cropped out. No online docs, though once I've got this thing reworked, I'll put up pics of the process and notes on my reasoning for re-doing it. Currently, it's in storage 2000 miles away, so it'll be awhile. Mostly, it will be re-done as a 2-layer gown, kirtle and 1-piece overgown (more like a flemish market outfit, really), instead of a 2-peice bodice and seperate cartridge pleated skirt worn over a petticoat. Much reworking to be done, but the gown is made of the most wonderful brushed wool, so that I feel it's worth saving.

So, those are mine. I may put up a couple of more recent outfits, if I can get photos.

Off to continue the neverending housecleaning...

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