Friday, December 14, 2007

Looking Busy

I'm distracting myself while my sweetie is deployed. I have lots to do, since I am suddenly parenting alone, and it'll be the better part of a year (optimistically) that I'm doing this. So, why not turn it to my advantage? I'm taking my frustration (and lonliness, and sadness, and just plain missing my other half) and using it as fuel towards my goals.

I have introduced a new daily/weekly routine, one that is designed to not be easily disrupted when he comes back. It's easier to do this while he's gone, anyway, since I'm not working around his routine right now.

A major change is that I'm using the kids as a vehicle for more exercise. I need to exercise - I hate feeling this weak. In any case, MrGiantBaby is finally old enough to take to the park and chase around (plus he doubles as a weight, since he's about 30 lbs now). We now go out for an hour of walking/playground time every day, come home for lunch, followed by naps. I do housecleaning during naptime, and this will likely be my last mid-day internet time, since that's restricted to an hour and a half max per day, preferably in the early morning or late evening.

On the creative front, I got the tree up and decorated it with cut paper snowflakes (among the things we left behind were our Xmas decorations). Pictures to come when I get enough made that you can't actually see the tree unless the lights are on. I'm also rearranging my office/workspace this weekend (I've got a 30-pound, 18 month old motivator for that, let me tell you - he spend more time taking my craft area aprt thatn I get to put it back together again), and might actually get to budget in some sewing time again once my routine gets, well, routine.

It's still pretty chaotic around here, but I'm at least looking busy.

Happy Holidays

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