Friday, October 05, 2007

blogstalky week 4: 3 things I love, 3 things I hate

Okay, photoessay time.

I love Guinness. MMMMMmmmmmmm. Beer that eats like a meal!

That's a really shallow thing, but I do love it. I also love coffee, but it's too late to take a picture of it. It's yummy. I like double chocolate stout, too, but I really love Guinness. Some people like wine, but I'm a beer and whiskey girl all the way. I blame my genetics.

Ironically, I don't drink much at all - the occasional beer, maybe once a week at most. I'm such a lightweight. I just finished that one and I'm all warm and comfy now. I expect my typing will suffer.

I love my family. Even on days I feel like eating my own young because they make me crazy, I love them. My husband is intentionally out of focus because he hates pictures.

I took this last week, when the Mr GiantBaby sat at the little table with his big brother and ate a meal for the first time. I was so impressed, but FX couldn't figure out what the big deal was. He thinks his brother should be able to do everything he can.

Okay, you get two images. I love this one. Even if it is the back of my husband's head. It's such a nice image. And he's actually in it. Holding the baby.

Can I get an "Awwwwwwwwww?"

You know you want to.

I love to cook. I love my spices, and I collect them. I have 50 some-odd different spices, and perhaps 60 individual spice jars. It's not a sickness, I actually use them. It just gets weird trying to replace the odder ones, like chervil, when I run out. I've been known to resort to mail order.

You can see something else in this image. I also keep a notebook of favorite recipes, clippings, scrawled "how I'm doing this right now before I forget" ideas, etc. It has a book mark of a kissing couple on the cover.

Now we get to the hatey bits. I hate bills. I'm good at paying them, I can manage our money just fine, but I hate that they eat up so much of our income.
Picture me shaking my fist. Yeah.

If we were millionaires I'd still hate it.

Laundry. Who likes laundry, anyway? I've got a system, but if I get delayed by a day or two, I'm up to my eyes in clean clothes with no hangers and I have no idea what happened.

I'm slowly climbing back out of that hole. Wish me luck.

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