Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here we are on the Left Coast. It's actually lovely and cool here, and I am inexpressibly grateful for that, as it is reportedly like unto Hades where we came from. I'm getting used to the faint booming of explosives.

Actually, we arrived about 2.5 weeks ago, but our phone didn't get hooked up for over 9 days, and then we discovered the dialup access was less than half the speed of sloooow service we had where we were before, so we arranged for high-speed access. We got that today, so here I am.

In knitting/crafting news, I did in fact get some work done on Bobby, but misplaced him as we unloaded boxes, than discovered that I need a comfy char for knitting. I've become spoiled - when we get the new living room furniture, there will be a knitting chair and a gooseneck lamp. In a few weeks...

In the meantime, I will console myself with sewing. Or try.

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