Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Illustration Friday: Spring


Spring (2007) Digital painting, incorporating collage elements from original reference photographs. Photoshop 5, mouse, and digital camera.

I'm leaping into Illustration Friday wholeheartedly, if a little late this week. The theme is green - and I think I captured what I think of when I think of green.

The seedling is a basil seedling in my kitchen garden. I was going for a feeling of deep, bourgeoning greenness and life, as we usually have here in late April or May. I'm thinking I might have got it, though the skies are all early April.

I did all the masking/drawing/painting with my mouse, as my tablet stylus is AWOL (I love moving). I only used a few filters - fresco, high pass, and gaussian blur. All else is done with the basic photo retouching tools, and a couple of brushes. The tree is real, but doesn't look anything like that, the leaves are parsley, made into brushes, and the statice on the ground is the pink-frosted top of my redbud tree, or at least it started that way. The clouds were photographed today -4 photos-, and layered and cloned and smudged around until they were right.

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  1. This gives a very unique effect. awesome image!

  2. Very nice! I especially love the foreground plant! I just saved some egg shell halves for planting basil! I saw a photo on someone's blog last week, probably and IF'er, and was inspired to try it. I have an herb garden and enjoy cooking. Planted some heirloom tomatoes! Nothing better than really good tomatoes, fresh basil, oil oil and cracked pepper. Mmm. Can't wait!!!


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