Friday, March 16, 2007

What UFOs? Look! Over there! Cuteness!

Okay, really I am trying to distract you. I actually am reporting from in front of a teetering stack of UFOs that is so large it boggles the imagination.

Only my test knitters know about the Super Sekrit project#1, and Project #2 is bogged down by that annoying life thing. There's also a sewing pattern I'm working up, which is bogged down in the tech writing department. If only those elastic instructions would just write themselves. I'll make an announcement about publishing it, it'll be a freebie download at

I've got personal knitting projects, but because of the pattern projects, I feel intensely guilty when working on them. This leads to me not getting anything done at all.

So, to let everyone know I'm alive, and to distract attention, I give you some cuteness:

We don't have cats, we have ferrets. No knitting sweaters for them. That's Penny on top and JJ underneath.


And biting.

And weaseldancing.
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  1. Howdy! I'll comment on your blog. I only got as far as the pics of ferrets.They are adorable! We used to have them, but only one live to be 8 years old and their passing was to hard emotionally on us. We have cats and dogs of which we've had many in our lifetime.
    Now, is there something about miniatures on your blog? I'm going to look!


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