Saturday, March 31, 2007

Curtains for Us!


Here's the best shot yet of the drapes I made for our living room in January. It is difficult to photograph sheers.

The rest of the living room looks like it was ransacked by barbarians (it was - they are 9 months are 4 years old), so it's been cropped out of the shot.
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  1. Ah yes, i know those hordes well! I think they hit my place right after yours. Love the billowy sheers, i want to try something similar with linen scrim.

  2. I had to stop in here too, marg. Love the sheers myself as well as the idea of a blog about rehabbing an old house. Do you know wabout Karen D'Amico and her "fluid thinking" blog? She's currently documenting her own fixer upper. Have a look over there if you have a few minutes:


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