Sunday, December 24, 2006

a quick note

I'm clearly psychic - here we go to work on the house.

But first, a progress report.

To do today(aka pre-move-in "must-do" list):
  1. patch holes in bedroom ceiling
  2. paint bedroom walls
  3. paint rest of unpainted kitchen wall
  4. put moldings and put down quarter-round in bedroom
  5. change lightbulb in hallway
  6. fix kitchen sink cabinet drawers (if we have time)

In other news:
  • Bathroom is done!
  • Living room is done!
  • Major repairs in dining room are ... done!

We also got the fancy fake part of the beam up over the ugly, real, structural beam, in the dining room. We might even get the panelling and trim up in the dining room bay by new years eve.

Wow, optimism is weird.

We're not even going to talk about the back porch or the dressing room for now. They can wait.

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