Saturday, March 18, 2006

Still alive!

We're still alive. The computer had a heart attack last week, so yesterday we had to buy a new power supply so I can continue boring others with my ranting, and here we are.

We have been working like mad on the house, despite C's minor surgery this week, and wiring is going apace. So far, several lengths of scary old wiring of various kinds have come down out of the attic, and we have one circuit up and running.

I found more wallpaper, same room. It's the field paper, with enough of the motif to figure it out. Pictures later.

There's a sag in the diningroom, at the join between the bay and the original construction. Things Must Be Done About This, as it is just sort of hanging in space. I see beams in my future, and screwjacks, and pain.

Bought vinyl tile for kitchen - real kitchen renovation isn't happening for a few years, but it doesn't have to be vile until we do the Big Renovation. I painted our perfectly functional almond gas stove silver and black using appliance epoxy and stove paint. Ten bucks for a matching appliance certainly isn't bad to me!

More later - I have to get overalled and head over to the new place. Pictures, too.

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