Monday, March 27, 2006


Went to Lowe's yesterday, and scored several lovely bargains. In other news, my blog doesn't seem to be showing up on Houseblogs' feed. If you see it there, please comment, so I know I'm not going crazy :) Also, I just noticed (okay, it was actually on Friday) that the banner for Houseblogs shows a lovely old deadbolt that's shifted slightly. Just enough to not work ... I'd seen so many of these over the years that it just went right over my head every other time I'd looked at it. Mom saw it and laughed, saying something about how emblematic that was of the whole rehab experience.

Bargains, itemized, sort of:

2 cans of paint in a nice mossy Arts & Crafts green, off the "orphans" rack in the paint dept: $5.00 each

1 can of a nice sky blue for The Boy's room, again an orphan: $10.00 (higher end decorator brand)

4 rolls of paper appropriate for placing above the borders in the livingroom and dining room (in the "frieze" area): $1.50 each

A new chrome bakers rack for our kitchen: $40.00 (down from $80.00)

And ... A cool Deco-streamline style white and chrome vanity 3-light fixture (like what my husband wanted) for the bathroom: $10.50 (down from $80.00 - discontinued, and it had all its parts)

I got some other stuff, too, but those were the nifty bargains.

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