Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Redecorated again, and other news

So, they released another style available to the freebies on lj, like me, and i have chosen to try it out.

I like it, kinda. We'll see.

Finished my illo job. All submitted and everything. Go me. Watch this
space for publication news. It's mostly good to not have that deadline
hanging over me.

FX now has 8 teeth and he's working on canines. Pray for me, that my nips remain attached to my body. I hold out little hope. :/

Yes. it is not-quite-6-am. Yes, I have been awake since 4. Fx doesn't really have a sleep pattern yet. Sigh.

Maybe, now that I'm all done with the illos, I should play a game or something.... Hmmm. Books. I remember those....

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