Tuesday, October 21, 2003


RPFN is closing for good. I just saw a copy of the closing notice on H-cost.

Mixed feelings. I practically grew up working that faire, except that the faire I grew up at has really been gone for a decade. What was left of it was finally killed off by REC and the rising cost of living killing off people's disposable income in the Bay Area.

I'll never forget the year after my guild got axed, when we went for a weekend and the sponsor was Miller Lite. And they were raffling a JetSki at the gate. Add that to the security guards in polyester uniforms replacing the old,at least camouflaged, Faire constables, and I *think* you get a loss of ambience. When all your audience is paying for is ambience, and you're killing the mood, what the heck do you think will happen?

Sigh. I knew it was gone, but now I know it's never coming back. At least not from REC. Not like I was ever going to go again. I live halfway across the country (well, just now I don't, but I knew that my time in San Diego was only temporary), and I have for the past six years.

Edit: Apparently it's REALLY gone downhill since I was working! See this entry (freinds only) in 's journal.

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