Tuesday, September 30, 2003

PMS, Product review #2, and other news

PMS. Ow. Cramps last night, woke with back spasm today after 4 hours of sleep. Hot shower kinda helped.

ow. Figures. (see 'other news', below)

Product review:

That "kaboom!" stuff actually works. We bought a bottle at Wallyworld for 3 dollars (I'm not paying 20 bucks plus shipping for 2 bottles and a freakin' sponge, when I can get 1 bottle for $3, thanks). I got bored yesterday and sprayed it on the nastiest part of the hard water/soap scum/dirtmarks (that build up in a week and take HOURS of concentrated scrubbing or vats of noxious chemicals to remove. And then they come right back, of course.). Further information: we have a small not-very-well-ventilated bathroom - no window and an exhaust fan that I'd swear had been roofed over at some point.

I wasn't expecting much for my $3. Mostly becasue I HATEHATEHATE that loud-ass guy who advertises the stuff on tv.

Surprise #1 This stuff doesn't make your ungs shrivel up. It's not yummy smelling, but I can now stand to be IN the bathroom while cleaning it. Always a plus.

Surprise #2 It actually does what it says it does (if the surface is bone dry - if the bathroom is damp, you need to scrub a bit). The test spots are scary in their sparkly whiteness, which means that I really need to finish cleaning the tub now.

But, on the bright side, at least I can.

Other news:

Going on a trip. I get to show the Baby Of Doom to lots of people whom I love dearly and who have not seen me in ages and ages. Whee. We leave Thursday. See you in a week!

FX is having a growth spurt. How do I know? He's sleeping a lot, eating when he is awake and I am constantly starving. And I've lost some weight, while eating what feels like too much.

And he has another tooth. Upper left Incisor. Yes, that means my nips hurt, thanks for asking. We're doing lots of 'no bite' training. He gets put down when he bites me and I've asked him not to. He doesn't like that, so he's learning not to take chunks out of Mom. The blisters are healing, and I've been using baby Anbesol gel on my nips after feedings more than on his gums (he only gets gum0numb stuff when his new tooth really bothers him).

The neighbors are dropping furniture repeatedly on the floor above us. It's been going on for hours and it's getting OLD. Bump. CRASH. Bang. THUMP. I thought when you are moving things you are supposed to avoid dropping them? Right?

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