Sunday, August 31, 2003

A word to the wise...

SO, I got to sew a bit today (no garb, making diaper covers for El Munchkin o' Doom).

If you have not given your sewing machine a deep de-linting in six months or so, do it now.

My machine was making a gentle squeaky sound, despite having done a light lint brushing a couple of days ago ( i was dusting the sewing table so I thought, what the hell). So I thought, "hmmm - maybe I should unscrew the stitchplate and REALLY clean this baby out!"

No kidding. I hadn't done it for awhile. I pulled all the little bits out and brushed like mad. DAYUMN.

Not lint bunnies under the bobbin assembly, no... llint llamas. Enough lint to make felt mouse, life-sized...

Go clean out your machine's guts. If you love it, do it :)

Your machine will love you back, I promise.

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