Tuesday, July 22, 2003

jauncourt.i8.com all fixed and other news

Well, my issue with 50megs.com is all cleared up. Seems they changed their rate structure and didn't realize that it might have an effect on old users... Anyway, it's all better now and I'm not going to make http://jauncourt.i8.com go away any time soon, though the ads are there to stay. I liked the old teeny ads better, but I can't get them back now. I made the banners as unobtrusive as possible (they are the kind that scroll away after they load).

I'm trying to get ahold of the lady who runs http://amiperiodornot.com since I've put together a browsable index, but she won't email me back (or my mails keep going astray), so I don't know if it is okay for me to make it public or not. Sigh.

The bliautlady site is up, but not updated. We're expecting houseguests and I've been busy trying to clean around the baby. That means, unfortunately, no sewing either. Argh, I can look at the Eyesore Gown, but no working on it until next week at the earliest. It seems fated to remain a pile of parts for awhile. My head is just bursting with ideas for the new site and improvements to the old one and I have a half-finshed set of illos for Arrianne de Chateau-Michel that I need to ink and scan. Too much to do, not enough me to do it all in time for me to be ahppy with it all.

Oh, go to her site: http://www.chateau-michel.org READ her articles. They are GOOD. She writes as well as I draw, or better.

I'm thinking I might want to make a custom set of moodicons, and make them public, since I'm not so happy with what's there right now. I used to do icon design at Tivoli, so I've certainly got the skillset.

Fredrick is TEETHING. 2 teeth and counting, he's working on the third and it really hurts him. Left Upper incisor is cutting thru right now, poor thing. We're going at a rate of about 1 every 8-10 days. Yes, before anyone asks, he's been biting, but he always did that, and I'm pretty good at getting him to stop.

Wow, this is my longest entry ever, not counting my project outline. ;)

Hope I have time to update soonish.

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